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Community Centers for Engagement

Maria Desangles - Service Learning Coordinator

Jeannie Economos - Pesticide Safety and
Environmental Health Project Coordinator

Sponsors of the Apopka Farmworker's Quilt Project.

Clayton L. Ferrara - Director

Apopka Family Learning Center

Community Trust Federal Cred.Union

Rollins College faculty

The following Rollins faculty are involved in working with Lake Apopka:

  1. Charles Rock
  2. Sharon Carnahan
  3. Eric Schutz
  4. Gay Biery Hamilton
  5. Rachel Newcomb
  6. Rhonda Ovist
  7. Denise Cummings
  8. Kimberly Dennis
  9. Ashley (Sarah) Kistler
  10. Gabriel Barreneche
  11. Bob Reinhauer
  12. Dean Patrick Powers
  13. Martina Vidovic
  14. Kathryn Norsworthy
  15. " Joseph Siry

Rollins campus offices that can assist your efforts:

Office of Community Engagement
Mills Building, floor number two.

Office of Multicultural Affairs
Chase Hall, floor number two.

Dean of the Knowles Memorial Chapel
Knowles Memorial Chapel Office.

State and Federal Labor Offices:


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